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Home » Apply:  National Information Technology Development Agency -NITDA (5 million Naira Grant)

Apply:  National Information Technology Development Agency -NITDA (5 million Naira Grant)

The federal government of Nigeria , through NITDA wants to empower Nigerian businesses each with 5 million Naira grant

We aim to support researchers and emerging businesses in expediting their research and development endeavors. Our objective is to nurture a dynamic and sustainable AI environment in Nigeria, offering financial assistance and facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration within the AI industry. A total of N5,000,000 will be allocated to each of the 45 successful AI researchers or startups. The sectors eligible for support encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Education and Workforce
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Healthcare
  • Utility
  • Sustainability

Requirements for Eligibility:

  • Inclusion of a startup or technology company, Nigerian academic researcher, or a foreign researcher in the consortium
  • Possession of a research proposal aligned with the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy’s AI priority domains
  • Submission of a comprehensive proposal delineating the project and its potential impact on the Nigerian economy
  • Demonstration of a proven track record of excellence in research or entrepreneurship
  • Commitment to publishing at least one peer-reviewed article within a year of grant reception

The application process involves:

  • Opening of the application period from October 13, 2023, to November 15, 2023
  • Submission of applications through the designated online portal
  • Evaluation of proposals by a panel of AI experts
  • Notification of shortlisted candidates via email and scheduling of interviews
  • Email notification to successful applicants

Selection Criteria:

A board of AI experts will review grant applications based on the following criteria:

  • Novelty and originality of the research proposal
  • Applicant’s history of excellence in research or entrepreneurship
  • Alignment of the research with the Ministry’s AI priority areas
  • Feasibility and viability of the project



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