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2023 United Nations University Masters Scholarship for Developing Countries (Germany)

Scholarship Announcement: United Nations University Master’s Scholarship for Developing Countries in 2023 (Germany)

As of 2017, the Joint Master’s Programme has been designated as one of the select international postgraduate programs eligible for support through the EPOS funding scheme provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). This collaborative M.Sc. program equips postgraduate students with comprehensive knowledge, critical insights, interdisciplinary strategies, and necessary tools to address environmental risks and human security. It proudly stands as the third study program in Bonn under the auspices of the DAAD funding scheme, alongside the ZEF Doctoral Studies program and the ARTS study program offered by the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn.

Established through a successful partnership between the University of Bonn’s Department of Geography and the United Nations University, this Master’s program significantly contributes to the internationalization efforts of the University of Bonn, supported by the German agency, DAAD.

Benefits: • Successful applicants will receive full funding to cover all directly related study program expenses and their cost of living in Bonn.

Requirements: Prospective candidates must meet the following criteria, in addition to the general eligibility requirements for the Master’s program: • Hailing from a “Developing Country” (as per DAAD classification) • Possessing a minimum of two years of practical work experience (e.g., with an NGO, governmental organization, or the private sector) in a field relevant to the study program • Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree no more than five years prior • Not having completed another Master’s program in a similar field of study • Aspiring to pursue a career as a practitioner in a field relevant to the program of study

Application Procedure: • Students aspiring to be considered for these scholarships must apply for the program by completing the application forms for the DAAD. Note that acceptance into the former does not guarantee acceptance into the latter. • The selection process for the EPOS funding from among shortlisted candidates will take place between February and April each year. • Candidates who do not meet the EPOS requirements but seek financial support during their studies are encouraged to apply early and individually for other available funding programs in Germany.


To apply , CLICK HERE

Application Deadline: December 15, 2023. Date of Announcement: October 13, 2023.