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How to start a lucrative recharge card/data business with 1k to 100k in Nigeria

The days when starting a recharge card business required millions of Naira are now past.

Now , with as little as 1,000 Naira to 100,000 you can start recharge card business in Nigeria and be making money daily .


Some businesses come and go while others have come to live with us. Recharge card , data business just like food business , real estate business have come to stay because people can’t do without with it.

  • Recharge card /data is consumed daily and every second. What you are reading now is consuming data .

As at 2022 , statistics has it that individuals  who registered a mobile sim with  network operators in Nigeria amounted to over 301 million .  The market is  too large  and the good thing about it you can sell offline and online .


In this article, I am going to walk you through practical steps required to start up lucrative data / recharge card business. Please pay attention to the images below .

 STEP 1 : go to  play store and download an app called KING OF DATA  or click HERE to download

STEP 2: once downloaded , kindly click ‘register’ to sign up with your name ,phone number , and any password of your choice (and referral code )sign in using your email and password . Automatically , a wallet account will be created for you with any microfinance bank in Nigeria

STEP 3: fund your wallet account . To fund it click on the plus sign , then generate account, just the way you make transfers to banks , kindly make transfer to the account . Any amount is possible depending on what you want to do . Under wallet balance you would have see how much you have in as your balance

STEP 4: under OUR SERVICES you can select what you want to do . The services include buy e-pins , .mobile data, TV payment, electric bills , educational bills ,etc

To print vouchers for recharge card business click Buy E-PINS , PRINT RECHARGE CARDS , CHOOSE NETWORK , AMOUNT, QUANTITY, AMOUNT,CREDIT AMOUNT , INSERT PASSWORD AND CLICK PRINT PINS . Automatically , vouchers will be generated for you . you can save it in pdf format to print or resell it that way .

Same way you can also buy data at very cheap prices and resell at higher price from KING OF DATA


Data and recharge card is like food every tribe consumes in Nigeria

To sell online online , you could use your Facebook page , Facebook profile ,Facebook groups , whatsapp groups , telegram groups , instagram , tiktok , instagram and tiktok,for offline target shops , supermarket , family members , leaders , friends , kiosk , recharge cards dealers , etc . This business is lucrative but to make more money you need to combine it with data

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