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Apply for Young innovative builders ( free laptops and tablets)

The Young Innovative Builders (YIB) program acknowledges students enrolled in Nigerian tertiary institutions who have completed an industrial training program, recognizing the pivotal role of such programs in applying theoretical knowledge. The initiative aims to highlight and reward innovative projects aligning with the Ministry’s digital economy objectives. In each state and the FCT, the top 48 projects receive laptops, with the next best 40 receiving tablets.

Eligibility Criteria:

Must be a student in a Nigerian tertiary institution pursuing their first degree.
Should have conceived, developed, or deployed an innovative or tech-enabled project leveraging digital technology.
Must remain a student three months after the competition’s end date (December 22, 2023).
Completion of an industrial training program is mandatory.
Projects should address real-world societal issues.
Application Process:

Applications open on November 22, 2023.
Deadline for submissions is December 6, 2023.
Submission through the designated website’s application form is required.
A diverse committee, including academia, industry experts, the Ministry, and other stakeholders, will review applications using a standard grading system.
Successful applications will be officially announced on/before December 22, 2023.
Selection Criteria:
Applications will be evaluated based on:

Novelty and Originality: The project’s innovation relative to existing alternatives.
Impact and Relevance: Addressing real-world issues in local communities or the country.
Feasibility and Scalability: Practicality and potential for deployment at scale.
Quality of Presentation and Documentation: The clarity in describing the solution’s creation process and the final product’s aesthetics.
Participating provides a unique platform to showcase innovative ideas.



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