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Apply: EDC/Mastercard transforming Nigerian youths program ( 40,000 Entrepreneurs)

Invitation for Participation: EDC/Mastercard Initiative Empowering Nigerian Youths Program for 40,000 MSMEs


Empowering Nigerian Youths

The Empowering Nigerian Youths program seeks to establish a network of transformative leaders in entrepreneurship and management, specifically targeting youths and women within the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector in Nigeria. This initiative is introduced to Nigeria through the collaboration of the Young Africa Works-Mastercard Foundation and the Enterprise Development Centre at Pan-Atlantic University.

EDC is partnering with the Foundation to enhance the capabilities of 40,000 MSMEs, with a particular emphasis on the agriculture and creative sectors, including women-led businesses in Nigeria. The training will be delivered through EDC’s online learning platform and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to enable flexible participation in the lessons from any location.

The primary objectives of the program include:

Completely transforming the mindset of Nigerian youths to foster entrepreneurship and equipping them to be self-employed or job creators.
Creating market access and providing support services to existing business owners, especially those operated by young individuals.
Revolutionizing the approach to learning and information dissemination in Nigeria through EDC Beam.
Program benefits encompass:

Personalized Business Growth Plan
Opportunities for rewards, such as Free Website Design, Google My Business profile, free CAC registration, free Logo, and more
Free Access to Market
Acquisition of entrepreneurial skills
One-on-One Advisory Services
Free Data for training-related browsing
Participation in sector-specific Competitions
Access to Information on Funding Opportunities




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