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Haulage business in Nigeria

How to make at least 20k daily through haulage in Nigeria

Hello , I want to introduce  to you  one business that can generate you 15 to 40, 000 Naira everyday. This is another kind of conveyance business but not the type you are familiar with it .

This business will surely put food on  the table no matter the family size  and it’s not stressful at all.

With just two or three movements in a day , you are certainly sure of  at least 20,000 Naira everyday .

We are talking about haulage business with some swag.

The business is called SHORT TRUCK CONVEYANCE BUSINESS . Just at it appears on the screen ,  I have studied people who are doing the business and they are living large .

This car , mainly seen around Timber markets , help people  convey products from the point of purchase to the point where they are used .

They are convenient to use and goods easy to offload that people prefer to use them .

Let’s assume someone  bought 5o bags of cement , of course keke will be too small and medium truck will be very expensive , hitherto this short truck.

If somebody wants to move medium size building material this will do the work

If someone is relocating from his house , this truck will do the work .

If someone wants  to move bunch of fruits this truck will do the work

If there is a need  to move provision shop items  , this will do the work .

Market women who buy foods from villages need your services.

The demand is quite endless

The demand for this vehicle is very high because only few people think towards this line. Almost everybody is thinking of keke and unfortunately keke business has become so rampant that keke drivers no longer make money as usual .


You won’t believe how cheap this car is .

To buy a direct  fresh Belgium of this car ,it will cost you   between 1.2 to 1.5 million Naira  only .

Yes , its that cheap .


The drivers charge for a drop between 10k to 35k depending on the distance, load   and road accessibility .

so you can imagine working for one just 3 to four persons in a day   you will be making at least 20k and you know what your  duty is only to drive . You can hire a work boy who will be carrying the goods into and out of the truck whilst  you pay him monthly or daily .


  1.  Even if you want to drive this car higher purchase , you will still make it big because the competition is very minimal
  • This business is very good for a family man and a  bachelor and will surely bring food to you and family , even build your  a house
  • Fuel consumption is very small  and parts are also cheap and easy to find
  • The car is very durable and repair is also easy
  • This business is very lucrative, you can make at least 15,000 profit everyday .
  • It maintains your self esteem . people don’t see you as AGBERO driving this car

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My name is okpara ijezie kingsley ,

God bless you

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