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Have you come across any app that allows you make free calls , get data for browsing for free ?

I am going to answer this question practically , but before that , CLICK HERE to download KING OF DATA APP and register at once .

If you have downloaded the app , congratulations.Congratulations because your life is about to become better .


Below are TEN THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH KING OF DATA.At this level i need your attention.

1. With KING OF DATA you are guaranteed of getting data for yourself and business .

2. you can start recharge card printing business with KING OF DATA, it is very easy to start recharge card business and it can be printed in your name or name of of your enterprise as shown below

3. With KING OF DATA you can subscribe to GOTV , DSTV ,

4, Generate electricity token

5. buy EXAM PINS such as WAEC, JAMB, NECO, etc

6. Do betting business

7. Become data vendor with just Five hundred Naira .Yes , That’s correct . Many people are making thousands every day with KING OF DATA just by reselling Data using KING OF DATA .

WHY ? Because data is very cheap in KING OF DATA and that answers the question above. Even though data is not free but with KING OF DATA data is almost free .

Imagine getting the same data you buy thousands of Naira elsewhere in KING OF DATA like three hundred Naira or five hundred Naira , yes , its that cheap.No need to doubt me try it out now . Use the link below to download KING OF DATA



Download KING OF DATA using the link above

Register on the App by clicking ‘register now’

Type in your first , and last name , email address , phone number ,then password you could remember easily such as ‘6787’ or your birth year . “Skip ‘referral code ” and click REGISTER.

You may or may not get OTP – ONE TIME PASSWORD i your email , if sent , copy the OTP and complete your registration .

you will be ushered into your Dashboard . N

Now click on the + PLUS sign ,

then click on GENERATE ACCOUNT , automatically , a wallet bank account will

generated in your name with any of these microfinance bank in Nigeia: Providus Bank,safehaven Bank or VDF microfinance bank . once that is done you can click on the plus sign again or pay into that account . As soon you pay into the account generated for you , you could see your balance under WALLET BALANCE.To pay into this account it simple, just the way you transfer money to people’s bank account . You can use USSD , or APP and any bank or online app can do that for you ,

once you are done with the transfer , kindly check Under OUR SERVICES to carry out any transaction of your choice: To buy data, recharge PINS and more .

If you would like to watch this process in a video , CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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