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Pictures shows Female Entrepreneurs: Apply Now for the 2024 Selfmade Founders Fund

Female Entrepreneurs: Apply Now for the 2024 Selfmade Founders Fund

         Structured to fuel entrepreneurs' entrepreneurial journey, the Selfmade Founders Fund Scholarship doesn't operate as a financial grant alone but also as a gateway to a supportive community, valuable mentorship, and enriching resources.  By becoming a member of the Founders Fund, members will not only receive access to their premium Selfmade Circle Community, but also engage in enriching activities aimed at nurturing their growth and development as founders.

    The Programme has structured scholarships for early-stage entrepreneurs and entrepre-curious women in need of support to help  trail-blaze  in their businesses. The opportunity is open to women who are  engaged and committed in their community. The Programme has a tenacious and unwavering belief that with the support of their community, mentors, online courses, and live events, candidates will acquire the best knowledge and aid.  The Programme also has a flexibility of its structured Programme coupled with the support system of members that will play a huge role in how they can achieve greatness. The Programme and its sponsors is available  to cheer up candidates with sustainable and durable support systems.


*Applicants must be an early-stage entrepreneur. Interested female applicants are expected to be entrepre-curious in nature.

Candidates selected for the annual scholarship will agree to the following terms and conditions

*Candidates must agree to an active participation in the Selfmade Circle Community. Founders Fund members should comment, share, post at least 3+ times monthly.

*Selected candidates will attend at least 1 live event per month or watch replay and comment/share.

*Candidates will book included mentorship call at least every other month.

*Candidates must mandatorily complete Founders Fund survey 2 out of 3 times during a year + submit a video testimonial.

Successful applicants will benefit from the programme via the following ways:

*On-Demand Courses: Applicants will be equipped with all resources needed to facilitate the success of their business which starts from the setting of your mindset to idea definition to pitching and fundraising.

*Live and Interactive Coaching: This coaching session will be facilitated by a professional business coach. Applicants will have the opportunity to meet live with women in their business stage each week to promote togetherness in growth and connection.

*A Vast Community of like-minded founders: Applicants will also engage with the Selfmade Circle Community by commenting, sharing, posting, and directly messaging founders just like them.

*Live Engagement: Applicants will have the platform to attend at least 1 live event per month or watch the replay and actively participate by commenting and sharing insights.

*One-on-One Mentorship: Applicants will greatly utilize their monthly mentorship sessions to seek guidance, advice, and support from experienced mentors.

*Testimonials and Feedbacks: Applicants will be required to contribute to the community by completing the Founders Fund survey 2 out of 3 times throughout the year and share your experiences through a video testimonial.

Application Closing Date: 31st May, 2024


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