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Image reveals Julius Berger Nigeria Plc Vocational Training Program 2024

Apply: Julius Berger Nigeria Plc Vocational Training Program 2024

      The Julius Berger Nigeria Plc  is calling all ambitious Nigerian youths to submit their applications for the 2024 Julius Berger Nigeria Plc Vocational Support Programme. The goal of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, is to equip young people in Nigeria with certificates and useful technical skills that will improve their employment and socioeconomic advancement in line with Julius Berger’s goal of bringing forth unending prosperity for the business, the community, and the nation by extension. The comprehensive scheme’s goal is to provide the fortunate applicants with the technical know-how and instruments necessary to successfully transition into a prosperous and sustainable lifestyle.

       The Julius Berger Nigeria Plc Vocational Support Programme is the maiden edition of the programme which has been structured to be a 10-month intensive training programme where technical skill and certificate will be acquired.

Importance of the Programme

1.Brand’s Dedication and Commitment: This program is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, which reflects the dedication of Julius Berger in empowering Nigerian youths and contributing to the nation’s prosperity.

2.Development of Technical Skill: Applicants will have the opportunity of acquiring in-demand technical skills that are relevant and equally of high demand in the labour market. The 2024 programme focuses on automotive repair services which are:
Auto Mechanics and Battery Services
Vulcanizing, Alignment, and Wheel Balancing Auto Diagnostics (subject to confirmation.)

3.Employment Opportunities: Via this Programme, applicants will increase their chances of landing a well-paying job with a recognized certificate upon completion.

4.Means to Sustainable Livelihood: Through this programme, applicants will be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to launch a successful career and achieve financial freedom.

Reasons for Application.
Interestingly, this program is open to motivated young Nigerians who are passionate about building a secure future.

Screening Process:

The process involved in selection and screening will quite be a competitive one. Although the specific criteria remain unmentioned, the following factors are likely going to pop up:

1.Age: There might likely be a requirement for age. Simply put, there will be a minimum or maximum age requirement.

2.Academic Qualifications: Applicants will be mandated to possess some basic level of education to secure their seats in the programme and training.

3.Aptitude Tests: Several tests might be conducted to assess applicants’ aptitude for technical skills.

4.Interview: Successful applicants who get shortlisted might be called for an interview.

Criteria for Eligibility
*Applicant must be an adult, a Nigerian and must be resident in Nigeria, Abuja precisely.

*Applicant must possess a school leaving certificate (SSCE) and be able to read and write.

*The programme is opened to both genders as women seeking opportunities in the areas of technical expertise are highly encouraged to do so.

Importance of Automotive Repair Services.

1.Sporadic Growth in the Industry: Facilitated by factors like the Nigerian increasing urbanisation and rising disposable incomes, the automotive industry has experienced and is experiencing a spontaneous and significant growth.

2.High Demand of Skilled Professionals: The spontaneous growth recorded by the industry has created a high demand for skilled professionals who can maintain and repair modern vehicles.

3.Longevity of Acquired Skill: By focusing on automotive repair services, the program equips you with skills relevant to the latest technologies in the ever-changing automotive landscape. This acquired skill is capable of surviving changes in the future and not liable to become outdated.

Training Expectation and Experience:

The curriculum of the programme has been flexibly structured to cover a comprehensive range of topics which are:

i. Internal Combustion Engine Systems: This is an all-encompassing topic on the operational system of a car engine. Applicants will be schooled properly to understand how modern car engines operate.

ii. Diagnostic Measures of Electrical System: Learn to troubleshoot and repair electrical issues in vehicles.

iii. Braking and Suspension Systems: Applicants will receive trainings on the intricacies of braking and suspension systems for optimal vehicle performance.

iv. Transmission and Drivetrain Repair: Lectures will equally cover the skills of accurate diagnosis and repairs of transmission and drivetrain problems.

v. Advanced Diagnostics and Troubleshooting: Applicants will be trained on how to use forefront diagnostic tools and techniques for the identification and solution of complex car issues.

vi. Practical-Based Training: The curriculum includes an array of practicals, hands-on learning through workshops and practical exercises.

What The Programme Offers.
Participants will benefit from the programme in the following ways:

1.Technical Expertise: Through its well-structured training, applicants will gain the technical expertise employers are looking for in the automotive industry.

2.Employability Potentials: applicants will become highly sought-after candidates with a recognized certificate upon completion.

3.Career Building: Equip yourself with the skills necessary to build a successful and lucrative career in automotive repair.

4.A Fore-Front Technocrat: Applicants will master the latest technologies and trends in the constantly evolving automotive landscape.

   The Julius Berger Nigeria Plc Vocational Support Programme offers a unique opportunity to acquire valuable skills and build a successful future in the exciting world of automotive repair. This is your chance to be part of something special!

Don’t miss out on this inaugural edition! Apply today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in automotive repair!

The company has carefully designed curricula for training in the following technical expertise:
Auto Mechanics and Battery Services
Vulcanizing, Alignment, and Wheel Balancing and Auto Diagnostics. This will enable beneficiaries learn a skill that will remain commercially viable for the foreseeable future:

Deadline: 25th May, 2024.


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