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How to monetise your facebook page and youtube channel from any country

somebody well said , if you have a smartphone that is not making you money , that smartphone is smarter than you But i say if you are not making money on social media , somebody is definitely making money from you .

My name is Okpara Ijezie Kingsley -CEO –SCHOOL ONLINE NIGERIA INTEGRATED SERVICES . By God’s grace we have trained over 40,000 people online .

one of of the greatest oil wells of our time is facebook , Youtube , Twitter monetisation .

Imagine using just one video on facebook , youtube , x -twitter and Titktok and you need not be tech savvy to make money.. 21 or 22nd of every month , content creators cash out thousands of Dollars just by uploading contents , videos online.

Honestly speaking , ,i do not guarantee you thousands of Dollars every month on social media , but since you are just getting started i can teach you how to make at least 200 Dollars ( 180,000 Naira) every month from the comfort of your home using your smartphone ?

Some people I know work day and night but earn less that 80k every month in this type of economy and believe me on this , even with 100k every month you are not going to live a comfortable life . Some years ago , I was a government Teacher , even worked with Nigerian Railway Corporation but i left these government jobs because i knew i was going to end a poor person if i continued ,

I need you to have financial freedom starting this month and for that reason , I am organising A TEN DAY ONLINE TRAINING & MENTORSHIP ON VIDEO EDITING , FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE MONETIZATION {8 pm daily)

In this online training , you will be taught the following

How to setup your facebook and youtube account for payment /monetize account

How to set up profitable Facebook Page and Youtube channel.

How to run profitable facebook ads to help promote your page and sell any product or service online

How to edit different types of videos professionally using a smartphone ( after this training you will be issued a certificate as video Editor to enable you secure foreign and local video editing jobs )

How to make money creating faceless videos without showing your face

How to make cartoon videos , AI videos , Avatar videos and make mega money from this

How to make money using other peoples legitimately

free tools that could make your videos go viral

Alternative ways to make money on facebook and youtube other than monetization

How to create poignant thumbnails and many more

After this training you are going to have these bonuses

1, certification . you will be issued a certificate to enable you secure jobs from individuals or companies looking for content creators or video editors ,

2, free amazon and facebook ads ebooks

3, FOLLOW4FOLLOW /SUB4SUB: This is one activity we do to grow our facebook ,youtube and Twitter accounts. You follow to other peoples accounts while they follow yours. we have thousands of them waiting to do this .

To join this training and benefit all we mentioned here , all you are required to pay is just a fee of

Five thousand Naira. ( #5000)





after payment , send me evidence to my whatsapp using any of the phone numbers below




you will be added to the main group.



This is one opportunity you shouLd never ever miss . i know you have tried many things online that did not work but thus one is completely different ,

I made my first 15 million Naira on facebook, whatsapp and youtube .

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