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Apply :The Nigerian Youths Academy:one :youth ,two skills ( 5 million jobs)

The Federal Ministry of Youth is on a mission to support and train 7 million Nigerian youth over the next 2 years, creating 5 million jobs through the NIYA initiatives. Meet the Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA), a dynamic platform that’s all about inspiring and empowering millions of youths across Nigeria.

As the Minister of State of Youth Development, I’m excited about NiYA – a space made by us, for us. It’s where we come together to gain knowledge, skills, and connect, building a brighter future for all youths in the country. NiYA understands the real struggles and aspirations we have, and it’s here to help us overcome hurdles, chase dreams, and realize our potential.

In this program, you’ll find job fairs, online and live classes, a digital community, start-up support, opportunities to get involved in politics, and a lifetime resource hub. Eligibility? Well, if you’re a Nigerian aged 18-35, whether you’re a student, graduate, freelancer, job seeker, or already working, NiYA is for you.

Let’s dive into the NiYA programs: online and live classes to bring education to your devices, a digital community for building connections, start-up support for aspiring entrepreneurs, opportunities to participate in politics, job fairs to connect with employers, and a lifetime resource hub for continuous learning.

Ready to embark on a journey of lifelong learning? NiYA’s Resource Hub is here for you, offering a rich collection of educational materials and essential resources to empower Nigerian youth



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