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This 2024, there are TEN BUSINESSES you can run with 50k capital and make at least 150k monthly .

Below are the business ideas

  1. CAR WASH BUSINESS: car wash business is very very very lucrative . With 50k you don’t need to think of buying GEEPEE TANK, all you need do is find out a building that has borehole , in a strategic position with space in front it and meet the owners to use their water , you will pay them for water and space , then buy the machine . You can buy the machine on jumia or go shops that sell generators.
    Each car cost about 3k to 5k depending on your location.
    In my town here in Umuahia , Abia State ,one should be about 3k but in Abuja , Lagos ,Port Harcourt or bigger cities , it could cost more .

Let’s assume you clean up to 3 cars in a day ,you will go home with 9k everyday.
Now listen , it’s not only car that Car washers wash , they wash other things such as RUGS , Radiator, etc that give them separate money .

  1. FRUIT BUSINESS :This is one business that is neglected but truly generates huge income .

Let me give you a close example, last year , on my way back from Uyo , I stopped around IkotEkpene and bought a stick/bunch of plantain just 800 Naira but came to my town only to be told it worth 1,500 to 2,000 Naira .

Now remember , I didn’t buy in bulk ooo.

Fruit business is not capital intensive but you can make huge profit everyday .
All you need iss just a space not a shop or container,
Invest 7k in the wooden stuff and use 30 or 35k to start .
Sell Fruits like bananas , apples , pawpaw, guava, water Mellon , Cucumber, carrot, Orange, grapes , etc.

  1. GRINDING BUSINESS : this is another business you can run in front of your house , Very lucrative but only few know it .
    Is the business of grinding thing like beans for moimoi and Akara, maize, Tomatoes, Jero and dawa sorguim , etc . They are needed everywhere.
    I know of 2 person’s feeding their family well with this business and didn’t rent any shop – just in front of their building
    One machine is ok to start .

(4) CAR FAULT DETECTOR : there is a machine that detects faults in cars .most times you go mechanics with one fault in a car but they will end up creating ten more faults for you because they don’t know how to detect the specific fault in a car .
As a car fault detector , your responsibility is to place the machine in the car , and it runs the problem of that car in form of a code . Now copy the code to google and paste it there , it will automatically interpret the meaning of those codes for you .
For one car , you could be paid up to 5k but remember your strength are the mechanics .
If they bring you one car and you collect 5k , don’t eat alone , encourage them with 1,500 Naira for repeated patronage.

(5) ELECTRIC COOKER : you and I know that the price of gas and kerosene have been skyrocketed .
Some people are now back to firewoods while the others have no choice than to beckon of electric cooker .
With electric cooker, you don’t need to buy kerosene/gas , once there is Nepa light ,.You can use to cook anything you want to . Secondly electric cooker just as Gas does not give you the stress of washing your pots and kettles because it cooks neat and doesn’t dirty your pots .
For You as a business man , THERE IS ADVANTAGE IN EVERY DISADVANTAGE. This is one business you can sell in your neighborhood and online without renting a shop .
You don’t even need to import them JUST GO TO COMPUTER VILLAGE IN LAGOS STATE , you will get them at very affordable price.
Earlier last year , I bought four in my town Umuahia , Abia State and single cooker was about 4,000 while double ( two in one cooker ) was 6 thousand here but this January,2022 We sent someone to buy single cooker and she was told TEN THOUSAND NAIRA – the reason for this hype is because demand for it suddenly increased as a result of high cost of gas and kerosene.


The best places to sell this product include your neighborhood, Konga , Jiji, jumia, Facebook groups , Instagram, google , telegram and most importantly WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the best place to make sales , WhatsApp is very efficient. I will be releasing a video on my YouTube channel on how to you can use WhatsApp to make more. If interested hit the YouTube link , subscribe now so you will know when I release the video. https://youtube.com/channel/UCyooY4ciElsprF97gVV373g

( 6) PROPERTY AGENT : This business does not necessarily require up to 50k .
This is the business of getting houses ,lands for clients and they pay you a certain percentage for your services. This was one of the businesses I did while in the university to cope so I know a little about it .
One good thing about this business is that you can’t lose a dime . Before you start taking clients to see the properties ,they will pay you commitment fee so even if they decide not to continue you still have nothing to lose .
Some agents get up to 5 to 10 percent the price of any property they dispose .
That’s is to say , if a land was sold for 10 million Naira , they are entitled to 500k or 1 million Naira .

For those of you who may want to sell genuine properties online and make money , you can market for
https://gtexthomes.com and get 10 percent of whatever you sell .
The CEO is Dr Stephen Akintayo – one of the Biggest Billionaires in Nigeria who has made it big in real estate and other businesses too . We will have the privilege of interviewing him in this group one of the days . My only advise to you before you start property agent business in your area is pls try and register with their association so you don’t enter into trouble.

( 7) CLEANING SERVICES: this business involves cleaning people’s houses for a pay . you run their house chores and they pay you .
I like this business because you can run it from your home without renting any shop and still employ people to help you do the work .

You will be needing the following items for this job

Vacuum cleaner with attachments
White cloth rags
Paper Towels
Toilet brush
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Dust pan & brush
Dry mop
Wet mop & bucket
Latex gloves
Wet floor signs
Extension cord
Window cleaner
Disinfectant cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
Furniture polish
Soft Scrub product for sinks
SOS pads
Feather duster
High duster
Caddy with handle to keep your supplies in

(8 ). OKIRIKA BUSINESS : This is one of the most lucrative businesses You can ever think of .
I know much about this because my wife is into it big time. OKIRIKA Business is the businesses of selling imported fairly used items such as clothing’s , shoes, bags , etc . If you invest 50k in this business you can make up to 200k from it – this real am not joking.
The boxers you buy 1k ,2k from boutiques, the boutique people buy it from OKIRIKA WHOLESALE DEALERS at three hundred Naira ( #300)
Some of the clothes you but 500 Naira they are sold 5k oooo.
The Jeans you buy 10k , You will get it 2,500 Naira in OKIRIKA .This is a good business honestly.
But I will advise , if you want to make much profit from this business , don’t buy and sell the way you bought them .Take them to a dry cleaner – to iron, pay hundred or two hundred Naira to them and you will be surprised at thr difference . The same cloth you bought 500 Naira immediately it left from laundry service people, people will start begging you for 5,000 Naira



No matter the quantity you want to buy , you can buy from AHIA OHURU IN ABA, ABIA STATE or contact my wife to supply you in any part of Nigeria on her line 07030851383.

I must advise , before you go to ABA to buy , carry someone who knows the business very well otherwise you might me cheated .

(9) FRIED FOOD BUSINESS: Everyday you buy fired plantain, Akara , yam , potatoe, even Agidi and Pap. have you considered that most of those women who do that make up to 10k profit minimum daily ? In a month AKARA WOMAN is making at least 300k but you as a graduate can’t even boast of 50k monthly.

This is why I have always said , if your Degree certificate is not putting food on your table try your SSCE .
In doing this business , you must not start behaving like market women . PACKAGE YOURSELF WELLA . PACKAGE YOUR BUSINESS WELLA .MAKE YOUR BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT VERY NEAT .DO THE FRYING VERY WELL . As long as you are frying it well , people will pack their cars to buy .
Here in Umuahia, Abia State , there is a place in BCA ROAD where we que to buy roasted plantain.
Commissioners park their Cars and que to buy Roasted plantain and beans – You heard me well . This morning, I drove long distance to buy Akara , by the way there are many people that sell Akara around but I had to drive , take all the stress because the woman does it well

(10) SELL YOUR SKILLS ONLINE : People are gifted with many things but unfortunately don’t use their gifts to make money .

One of the things I , Okpara Ijezie Kingsley do online is to sell information but many of you may not understand this .What you are reading now is free but is not totally free to someone who might finish reading this and ask me to purchase him one items in large quantity because I will charge for it .
I get angry in my spirit when I see Teachers being paid 30k monthly when you can create a platform online and make at last 100k comfortable teaching the same subject from the comfort of your home .
If you can sing , your singing skill is sellable.
If you are into public speaking, your skill is sellable.
If you can dance your skill is sellable .
If you can cook good food your skill is sellable .
If you can play piano , your skill is sellable.

One of these days I will organize free online training to help us sell your skills online .
YOU CANT BE SMALL IN THIS 2023. God bless us .

My name is Okpara Ijezie Kingsley

This 2024, there are TEN BUSINESSES you can run with 50k capital and make at least 150k monthly . Below are the business ideas Let’s assume you clean up to 3 cars in a day ,you will go home with 9k everyday.Now listen , it’s not only car that Car washers wash , they wash…

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