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open for application: international organisation for immigration ( Lagos )

Are you driven by the desire to shape a better future for migrants and their communities? Imagine a career where you can play a pivotal role in ensuring safe, dignified, and well-managed migration. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is offering you the chance to turn that vision into reality. Presently, IOM is on the lookout for passionate individuals to join their team in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Unveiling the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The International Organization for Migration is an intergovernmental agency deeply committed to fostering humane and well-organized migration. It provides a spectrum of services and guidance to governments and migrants, striving to enhance understanding and collaboration on migration matters. IOM’s goal is to transform migration into a choice, not an obligation, ensuring it transpires in a secure, orderly, and respectful manner.

With a diverse workforce and a global presence across 100+ countries, IOM tackles various facets of migration, including migration health, humanitarian aid, development projects, and policy advocacy. A career at IOM offers a chance to address pressing global challenges and make a genuine impact on people’s lives worldwide.

The Hub: Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, the largest Nigerian city and one of the world’s fastest-growing metropolises, provides an exciting and dynamic location for an IOM duty post. Renowned for its vibrant markets, rich cultural tapestry, and thriving arts scene, Lagos epitomizes a fusion of diverse cultures and traditions. It also stands as an economic powerhouse, attracting professionals and businesses from every corner of the globe.

As a duty post, Lagos presents a unique blend of challenges and opportunities linked to migration. Being a major gateway for migration in West Africa, it offers an ideal setting for IOM to execute its vital work—supporting migrants, engaging with local communities, and advocating for improved migration policies.

Your Job Awaits: IOM Roles in Lagos, Nigeria

IOM is presently inviting applications for multiple positions in Lagos, Nigeria. These roles encompass a spectrum of functions, including program management, migration health, policy advocacy, community engagement, and communications. IOM is in search of dedicated and talented individuals who align with IOM’s vision and mission.

If you’re passionate about creating a world where migration champions dignity and the well-being of individuals and communities, consider becoming part of IOM in Lagos. This is your opportunity to contribute to a team actively working towards a safer, more organized, and compassionate approach to migration.

How to Take the Leap

To explore the exciting job opportunities with IOM in Lagos, Nigeria, and gain insights into specific roles and requirements, head over to the official [IOM careers page](insert IOM careers page link). Take your time to carefully review the job descriptions and qualifications. Follow the provided application instructions to submit your candidacy.

In Closing

Embarking on a career with the International Organization for Migration in Lagos, Nigeria, is a chance to be part of a global mission that truly matters. If you’re passionate about migration issues and aspire to contribute to positive change, this could be your ideal career move. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by—a fulfilling journey awaits you with IOM. Apply now and be part of a team that’s effecting meaningful change in the lives of migrants and communities, one step at a time.


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