Making Money by Selling Your Own and AI-Created Photos”

If you have a smartphone that can take photos  but not making money from it you are wrong . Today , am going to show you how to make at least 20 Dollars everyday selling Picture that are not yours or pictures that belong to you .

These are secrets that many are using to make mega money online but do not want  to reveal to you .

There are online industries that buy pictures from individuals like you and I or photographers and resell to online users such as content creators , fiverr users and many more .

Now there are two ways in which you can use pictures to make money in Dollars ,

  1. Self pictures :These are the pictures you capture yourself . It could be pictures of your and family members or friends who must have given you the permission to sell them .
  • 2. AI generated pictures: This is the best method because they are unique and limitless. These are images or pictures generated via artificial intelligence. There  are many apps and websites that could do this  such as Gencraft, Zapier , AI Art generator, piktochart and many more others  .Though these apps are very good , I woudn’t be recommending them to you because they require payment  rather , I will be recommending a free app that to my own understanding even better that the paid apps , the app is call  CAPCUT .

Now , to make this business work ,you need the following platforms

CAPCUT :this free video editing app is used to convert texts to images :

To download , Capcut Click the link below

  • CHAT GPT: you can sign up to Chat Gpt uisng
  • Chat Gpt 3.5 is free and  it is used to generate PROMPT. A prompt is a cue or stimulus that initiates a response or action. It refers to the queries or statements you provide , prompting AI to generate response. To further explain , A prompt is like a signal that tells you what to do or say. Capcut is not just a  video editing app  but  AI that converts  Texts to pictures .

For instance , If you open CAPCUT APP and visit the ‘text to image ‘  and type in “tall handsome balck man “ it will automatically generate that prompt for you in pictures . Now you could go further to expand your prompt typing a prompt like “tall handsome , black man looking at his child “ in this case it  not only generate  picture of a man but a child whose father is looking at .

This same Capcut could be used to generate animated images like cartoon , animals , etc .


We need it to generate more ideas , pictures  that are trending  and pictures that could sell well .

Now , take  a look below ,  these 20 prompts below were all generated with CHATGPT .


| 1.  | Diverse group of people engaged in a virtual meeting with futuristic holographic displays.                    |

| 2.  | Fashion-forward individuals showcasing cutting-edge clothing in a trendy urban setting.                       |

| 3.  | Portrait of a person with cybernetic enhancements seamlessly integrated into their appearance.              |

| 4.  | A multicultural family enjoying leisure time in a futuristic smart home environment.                          |

| 5.  | Innovative healthcare: A doctor using advanced tools to provide personalized patient care.                   |

| 6.  | Personal trainers guiding individuals through virtual workout sessions.                                       |

| 7.  | Emotional expressions of joy, surprise, and curiosity in a group of digitally generated faces.               |

| 8.  | People interacting with lifelike companions in various everyday scenarios.                                   |

| 9.  | Tech-savvy professionals collaborating on a cutting-edge project in a modern workspace.                       |

| 10. | Virtual reality gamers immersed in an otherworldly gaming experience.                                         |

| 11. | A diverse crowd participating in a global online event using advanced communication.                         |

| 12. | Human-android interaction portraying empathy and connection.                                                 |

| 13. | Digitally enhanced education: Students learning from holographic teachers in a virtual classroom.            |

| 14. | Exploration of new frontiers: Individuals in futuristic spacesuits on an alien planet.                        |

| 15. | Dynamic street scenes with digitally generated individuals engaging in urban activities.                      |

| 16. | Futuristic medical professionals using advanced technology to cure diseases.                                  |

| 17. | A group of friends enjoying a curated virtual reality travel experience.                                      |

| 18. | Cybersecurity experts working together to safeguard digital assets.                                           |

| 19. | Individuals experiencing the intersection of nature and technology in a harmonious way.                       |

| 20. | A future workplace where humans and technology collaborate seamlessly for innovation.   

CHAT GPT could generate thousands if not millions of better prompts  .

When these prompt must have been generated , copy it and head over to CAPCUT to create pictures .

  • STOCK PHOTO WEBITES: these are the platforms where you sell these photos and money in Dollars . For variety purpose , am going to drop TEN PLATFORMS that will buy your AI generated .

Below are ten websites that will buy your photos

1. Adobe Stock (

  • Adobe Stock is a popular stock photo platform where photographers can upload and sell their images. It is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, making it easy for users to submit their work directly from Adobe applications.
  • Shutterstock is one of the largest stock photo agencies. Photographers can contribute their images to the platform, and when customers purchase them, the photographer earns a commission.
  • Getty Images is a renowned stock photo agency. It has a stringent submission process, but once accepted, your photos can be accessed by a wide range of clients, including media organizations and advertisers.
  • Alamy is a stock photo agency known for its straightforward contributor-friendly terms. It offers a large customer base and allows contributors to earn a significant percentage of each sale.
  • Etsy is a popular platform for selling handmade and vintage items, but it’s also a great place to sell digital goods, including high-quality digital photos. You can set up your own shop and reach a creative and artistic audience.
  • iStock is a part of the Getty Images family and offers a platform for contributors to sell their photos. It has a tiered pricing system, and contributors earn more as they move up the levels.
  • SmugMug is a platform that allows photographers to create their own customizable portfolio websites. You can sell your photos directly to customers through your SmugMug site, and they handle the transaction process for you.
  • Foap is a mobile-based platform that allows users to upload and sell their photos directly from their smartphones. Brands and agencies often use Foap to find and purchase authentic, user-generated content.
  • 500px is both a community and marketplace for photographers. You can license your photos through their marketplace, and it also serves as a platform to showcase your portfolio and connect with other photographers.
  1. Dreamstime (
  • Dreamstime is a stock photography platform where contributors can upload and sell their images. It has a straightforward submission process and offers a competitive royalty structure.

Remember to review the terms and conditions of each platform before you start selling your photos to ensure they align with your goals and preferences.

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