How to become ARCA money aggregator in Nigeria

When I said I was going to recruit at least 774 people as company representative, I wasn’t joking.
This is not the  recruitment where people fill   forms and are recruited . Pay  attention to the end .
A reputable POS  company known as ARCA MONEY

needs  aggregators all over Nigeria.

Okpara,what do you mean by POS AGGREGATORS . Simply put it , aggregators are those who intermediate between POS agents and the company. They are like middle men between agents and company . An aggregator is the person that gets pos machines from the company and sells to agents who use these terminals otherwise called POS machines.

Before I continue,here are some of  the benefits of being an aggregator
1. You get terminals at company price
2. You resell at your own price
3. You make commission forever whenever your agents make transactions with their POS machines . These commission include both deposit/transfer and withdrawals .
4.  You get bonuses
5. I can help you sell these terminals by directing people from your area to buy from you .

6. You will be getting kits such T-SHIRTS, BANNERS,PEN ,FLYERS,BAGS that will help you sell terminals
7  . You can be recruited  into the company as State manager,into operations or any other department in the company.

The last point is where my interest lies most.
This company company has been in existence for many years but just incorporated POS services . They don’t have state aggregators  and have not saturated 36 states  including FCT ABUJA. I see lots of opportunities for employment in this company. Remember,I did this before with one POS Company where our people became their state manager almost in all 36 state including in operation and other department.
The minimum amount any pos agent  pays is 200,000 plus allowances.

To be straight with you ,the company is not going  to enroll you into their payroll once you become their aggregator  now but you will be getting commission forever from your  agents  and also make profit by reselling at any price of your choice  and from their ,your outstanding performance would compel them to enroll you into their system if you are  interested.


To become an aggregator of any company requires you to buy up to 10 terminals BUT that won’t be the case here as I ,okpara is involved.
To become an aggregator of this company,all you need is just buy 3  android POS  which 60,000 Naira  only -20,000 each . This is company price and a dime is not added to it .
You can make this payment to the following accounts

After payment,send  me the following for registration

Full name
Business name
Full address
Residential address
Email address
Date of birth
Phone numbers ( provide two phone numbers )
Bank name and account number
Utility bill
Valid Id card

Through the WhatsApp link below

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God bless us


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