How to apply for three million technical talent program by NITDA

The Three Million Technical Talent program, as outlined by the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy, constitutes a pivotal element of the Federal Government’s Revitalized Hope initiative. Its primary objective is to establish a robust foundation of technical expertise in Nigeria, thereby fueling the digital economy and positioning the nation as a net exporter of talent.

The program is strategically designed to cultivate a pool of technical skills, aligning with President Bola Tinubu’s vision of creating two million digital job opportunities by the year 2025. The inaugural phase of this initiative, to be executed in partnership with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), will involve a consortium of stakeholders, including fellows, training providers, partners, and placement organizations.

In this endeavor, the program seeks out individuals with a keen interest in specific technical skills and pledges to cover the costs of their training with accredited training providers admitted into the program. The initial phase will focus on nurturing expertise in twelve key technical domains, namely: Software Development, UI/UX Design, Data Analysis and Visualization, Quality Assurance, Product Management, Data Science, Animation, AI/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Cloud Computing, and Dev Ops.

NITDA emphasizes that the training fellows will receive in these specialized technical fields will equip them with the necessary skills to compete effectively in both the domestic and global technical talent market. The agency also welcomes organizations interested in becoming training providers, enabling them to train 30,000 fellows throughout Nigeria, even if they lack a physical training facility. Importantly, there are no fees associated with being selected as a training provider, nor are there any fees imposed on the program’s fellows.

NITDA further elaborates that organizations without physical facilities can apply for consideration, provided they have access to such facilities when needed. To apply for participation in the program, interested individuals must possess a valid email address and provide certain essential details.


  1. Visit www. and provide your National Identification Number (NIN), email address, and phone number.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Specify your employment status and background skills.
  4. Choose a preferred training program from the available options, which encompass Quality Assurance, Product Management, Data Science, Animation, AI/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Game Development, among others.
  5. Submit the application form and await further instructions via email.

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