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How to apply for amazon loan (Nirsal Microfinance Bank )

Amazon loan is of the the easiest loans to get in Nirsal Microfinance Bank .Repayment is very flexible .

Nirsal  Microfinance Bank is a National  microfinance Bank that that empowers Nigerian businesses.They were the channel through which  the federal Government  communicated federal government intervention funds such as covid-19 household , covid-19 SME, Nigerian Youth investment Fund ,AGSMEIS and many more

Amazon loan is one of  the easiest Nirsal Mcrofinance Bank  loans to get as soon requirements are met .

Amazon loan was initiated to promote female business enterprises in Nigeria . To apply for this loan here are things you need to know about amazon loan


  • Amazon loan is easily accessible
  • Collateral is not needed
  • It has the best interest rate in the market
  • Easy payment process
  • Men are not eligible , only women are eligible


TO apply for amazon loan ,  follow the process below

  • At least five women are needed to apply for this loan together .
  • These five women should be into related business. For instance , foods stuff business. According to the management, women into unrelated businesses are not expected to apply .Women doing different businesses such as electronics , foodstuff and poultry should not come together to apply . Rather women in the same line of businesses should apply.
  • Only women living or doing business in  the same  area should apply . For instance , they should not be living in different states  but expected to be doing business within a specific town , city, community  or geographical location .
  • Coming together as co-operative society definitely gives edge  

Once the requirement above have been met , kindly walk down to any Nirsal microfinance Bank branch near you with your colleagues .

To locate Nirsal microfinance bank near you , kindly visit any Post office  near you to apply Nirsal microfinance is always established in post offices 


CLICK to find their office near you .


Nirsal microfinance bank as explained earlier is a microfinance bank that also rely on  transactions or customer base to thrive. To  create an  account with them , you need the following

  • VALID ID CARD : international passport , permanent voters card , Driver’s license or or NIN. Any of the aforementioned can serve .
  • Passport
  • Current Utility bill such as electricity bill , house rent receipt ,office rent receipt , water supply bill , etc .
  • Two passport
  • Two thousand Naira or five thousand Naira . The amount needed is dependent on the   type of account to be created  or other factors not stated here . You can also click the links below for more information

you can contact Nirsal microfinance Bank near you with any of phone numbers below

ABA 09010020628

ABAK. 09010020641

ADO-EKIT 09010020612

AKURE. 09010020647

AREA 10 09010020609

AWKA. 09010020631

BAUCHI 09070095758

BIDA. 09010020645

BILIRI. 09010020638

BIRNIN KEBBI 09010020618

CALABAR. 09010020643

DAMATURU 09010020637

DAURA. 09010020608

DUTSE. 09010020620

ENUGU. 09070095757

GOMBE. 09010020640

GUSAU. 09010020619

GWAGWALADA 09070095756

IBADAN. 09070095762

IKEJA. 09010020614

ILORIN. 09010020633

JALINGO. 09010020622

JAMAARE 09010020615

JIMETA. 09010020623

JOS. 09010020646

KADUNA. 09070095759

KALTUNG0 09010020639

KANO 09010020636

KATSINA. 09010020626

KAZAURE. 09010020616

LOKOJA. 09070095760

MAHUTA. 09010020617


MAKURDI. 09010020632

MARINA. 09010020613

MINNA. 09010020634

ONITSHA. 09010020630

MAKURDI 09010020632

MARINA. 09010020613

MINNA. 09010020634

ONITSHA. 09010020630

OSHOGBO 09010020635

OWERRI. 09010020629

PORTHARCOURT 09070095761

SOKOTO. 09010020621

UMUAHIA. 09010020627

YENOGOA. 09010020625

YOLA TOWN 09010020624

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