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free and affordable european countries you can migrate to from africa for scholarships and job opportunities

If you ask an average African which country or countries  he would want to migrate  to, the first few countries that come to mind will be  USA , CANADA , UK , NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA . But the truth is these counties are very expensive and everybody can’t afford them . 

In this article I will be unveiling some good , free  or affordable countries you can travel to from Africa , these countries include  the following :


: Iceland is a country in  Europe which hasa population of about 3500,000 people and a total ground area of about 103,000 km2 (40,000 sq mi).

ICELAND has different universities , they are either cheap or free ,

These universities include

1.    University of Iceland

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: Registration Fee of ISK 75,000 (USD $580) Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: Registration Fee of ISK 75,000 (USD $580) Per Year

2 . University of Akureyri

3. Agricultural University of Iceland

4. Hólar University College




6. Bifröst University

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: Registration Fee of ISK 242,000 (USD $1,900) Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: Registration Fee of ISK 242,000 (USD $1,900) Per Year

7 . Reykjavik University

Undergraduate Tuition Fees: ISK 514,000 (USD $4,000) Per Year

Graduate Tuition Fees: From ISK 1,500,000 (USD $11,600) Per Year

  • You will write IELTS exams
  • Application of fee of 500 US Dollars
  • Transcript
  • Passport
  • A Police report
  • Statement of purpose

As soon as your admission application is approved you can go to an embassy and  start processing your visa with letter of Admission .

Bear in mind that proof of funds is also needed the least proof of fund is five thousand  Euros in your account for three months .

It takes about five years to get citizenship in Iceland


Germany is another country with free tuition and the good thing is that they accept Higher National Diploma , second class lower and even a third class .

Germany has over 358 universities with more than 70.000 courses .

Another good thing is that you don’t need to write IELTS  .

The downside is that you must have a blocked account  – this simply t means hat before you apply for visa after you might have been given  admission is that you must open an account in Germany and transfer 10,000 euros to the account and you can only  have access to this money monthly  only when you must have migrated to Germany . This parameter is initiated by Germany to ensure you are able to take care of your feeding , accommodation and generally your stay without being a burden to Germany during your stay .

Generally it takes about 7 years to get citizenship in Germany

NORWAY: this is another amazing country that accommodates everyone and tuition is completely free .To apply for admission in any Norway universities you y can go through this website : https://www.studyinnorway.notuition-scholarships/scholarships

Applying for Norway university admission , make sure you apply for more than three universities at once to be considered .

Norway has similar method when it comes to proof of funds but differ a little .

Norway requires you have at least 11,000 Euros , create an account in Norway and transfer the money into the account and you can only have access to the fund after you have migrated to Norway, Now here is the difference , in Germany the money is given to you in bits –monthly but in Norway , you have access to all the funds as soon you move to Norway. The reason behind this is to make sure you can afford  it. The downside of moving to Norway  is that standard of living is very high . This might propel you to live in rural areas .


this is a country  with  about 9 million people .

Below is a list of low  tuition-fee universities in Austria  for international students

University  of Vienna

Universitat Klagenfurt (Alpen Adira Universitat)\

Universitat Salzburg

Austria is very affordable and has two openings : march and September and  those want to move next year .

To prove to you that Austria is very cheap that the school fees ranges from 360 Euro to 750 Euros .

The proof of funds required for Austria is  about 5,000 Euro

 karl franzens universitat graz

Universitat Innsbruck

Univeristat Linz (Johannes kepler  universitat linz)



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