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Open AI

Apply : open AI grant ($ 100k to 2 million Grant )

OpenAI’s 2024 Superalignment Fast Grants, dated December ,2023, address the anticipation of superintelligence emerging in the next decade. While current AI systems are aligned for safety using reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF), aligning future superhuman AI poses new challenges due to their complex and creative behaviors beyond human understanding.

Superhuman AI’s intricate code generation, surpassing human evaluative capabilities, necessitates novel alignment techniques. The primary challenge is steering and trusting AI systems smarter than humans. OpenAI sees this as a solvable problem and invites the ML research community and individual researchers to contribute.

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To incentivize research, they offer grants ranging from $100K to $2M for academic labs, nonprofits, and individual researchers. Graduate students can apply for a $150K OpenAI Superalignment Fellowship, including $75K stipend and $75K for compute and research funding.

The focus of these grants includes weak-to-strong generalization, interpretability, scalable oversight, and various other research directions such as honesty, chain-of-thought faithfulness, adversarial robustness, evals and testbeds. The application process is straightforward, and they welcome applicants from most countries, except where legal restrictions apply. No prior alignment experience is necessary, and they aim to respond to applications within four weeks of the February 18, 2024 deadline.


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