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Apply for the maypole grant (1,000 Euro)

The Maypole Fund is a supportive grant-giving entity dedicated to funding feminist activism against militarism and war. Our influence extends internationally through financial backing of feminist direct actions, activities, and projects that oppose various manifestations of militarism and war in ways that are contextually appropriate and relevant within local communities.

To be eligible for a grant from The Maypole Fund, you must agree to adhere to the subsequent stipulations:

  1. Allocate the grant solely for the specified project/activity outlined in your application.
  2. Ensure that your group’s or organisation’s activity has not commenced prior to the grant decision.
  3. Provide a comprehensive project/activity report within 6 months following the project’s conclusion, detailing the actions taken and grant expenditure.
  4. Recognize the support from The Maypole Fund in all relevant contexts, such as project publications, your website, or similar platforms, ensuring the content is original and free from plagiarism.


To apply , CLICK HERE

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