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Apply for new venture competition ($ 30,000 grant )

New Venture Competition: Elevating Innovation and Impact

Welcome to the New Venture Competition (NVC), a beacon within conferences, spotlighting early-stage ventures and fostering a new wave of innovators.

What’s in Store for You?

Participants stand a chance to win substantial non-equity financing, reaching up to $30,000. Additionally, this competition provides a unique networking opportunity with esteemed founders and investors from diverse corners of Africa.

The Journey: Stage by Stage

Stage One: Setting the Foundation

At this inception phase, we collect vital information from you. Bring your early-stage venture to the forefront. Unveil your groundbreaking idea and seize the opportunity to secure up to $30,000 in non-equity financing.

Navigating the Application: Sections to Cover

Your application journey encompasses 8 key sections:

  • Background: Delve into 9 insightful questions.
  • Founding Team Experience: Paint a picture with 8 thought-provoking queries.
  • Product-Market Fit: Answer 5 essential questions.
  • Market Landscape: Explore 4 questions to give depth to your venture.
  • Business Model: Elaborate on 7 fundamental questions.
  • Pitch Deck: Share your vision through 1 question.
  • Recognition: An optional question to showcase your unique elements.
  • 60-second video pitch: Present your idea in a concise and engaging manner.

Criteria for Participation

Eligibility Essentials

To participate, ensure your venture meets these criteria:

  • Stage: Pre-seed or seed (raised less than $150K)
  • Market Focus: Primarily targeting the African market (physical location not restricted to Africa)
  • Operational Duration: Less than three (3) years, with a team of up to 50 employees
  • Previous Funding: No prior funding from WABF NVC

The Crucial Evaluation: What We Look For

Your application’s strength is assessed in critical areas:

  • Founding Team Experience: Skills, track record, and team performance since inception.
  • Market and Traction: Addressing market needs, potential, and growth.
  • Product Design and Business Model: Uniqueness, viability, affordability, and scalability.
  • Impact: Alignment with at least one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Selection: Aiming for the Top 10

From a myriad of applications, we’ll choose 10 finalists. Key factors that enhance your idea’s strength:

  • Founding Team Experience: Track record and team performance.
  • Market and Traction: Addressing a market need and seizing growth opportunities.
  • Product Design and Business Model: Potential for viability and scalability.

Making a Difference: Join the Journey

Semi-finalists get an exclusive chance to connect with leading founders and investors across Africa. Benefit from enriching masterclasses to bolster your business acumen and establish a solid foundation.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Let your solution resonate with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Join us in this transformative venture.

For any inquiries or concerns, please reach out to wasa_wabf@wharton.upenn.edu, cc: bikhena@wharton.upenn.edu.

Ready to Take the Leap? Apply Here

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