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Apply for Afri women innovation grant ($5,000 Grant )

The Afri Women Innovation (AWI) Grant, part of the EquiHER initiative, aligns with the United Nations SDG, focusing on supporting African women with promising business ideas or existing companies within the continent.

Whether it’s a modest concept or a well-established business, the emphasis lies in the belief that even the smallest idea can instigate significant change, and a substantial idea can propel further growth

Your business idea doesn’t have to be groundbreaking; what matters is its potential to bring about positive change for you and your community.
Eligibility Criteria:

Female applicants aged between 18 and 50 are eligible.
Citizenship from any of the 54 African countries is a requirement.
Proficiency in English, French, or Portuguese is essential for effective communication.
For applicants with business ideas, the intention to implement within Africa is necessary.
For existing companies, operations must be active within Africa, with a minimum female shareholder ownership of 50%.

The 2023 AWI Grant includes entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and provides financial support of $5,000 to 500 women across the African continent.



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