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When it comes to refreshing beverages, 7UP has been a household name for generations. But did you know that this iconic soft drink company is also on the lookout for a dynamic and talented Operation Finance Manager? In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting opportunity that 7UP is offering and what it takes to be part of their team.

The Role of an Operation Finance Manager
The role of an Operation Finance Manager is pivotal in any organization, but at 7UP, it’s about much more than just numbers. It’s about driving financial success and ensuring that the company’s operations run smoothly. This is a position that requires a unique blend of financial acumen, strategic thinking, and the ability to quench the company’s thirst for profitability.

Why 7UP?
Working for 7UP means being part of the PepsiCo family, a global powerhouse in the food and beverage industry. It means joining a company with a long-standing commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. But beyond that, it means being part of a team that is passionate about delivering refreshing moments to consumers worldwide.

What 7UP is Looking For
To be considered for the role of an Operation Finance Manager at 7UP, you’ll need more than just a head for numbers. They’re looking for candidates with:

Financial Expertise: You should have a strong background in finance, accounting, or a related field, and a track record of making sound financial decisions.

Analytical Skills: The ability to dissect complex financial data and turn it into actionable insights is crucial.

Strategic Vision: 7UP is looking for someone who can align financial strategies with the company’s broader objectives.

Communication Skills: You’ll need to collaborate with various teams, so effective communication is essential.

Innovative Thinking: A passion for innovation and finding new ways to drive financial success is a must.

How to Apply

To apply for 7UP bottling company recruitment


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