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15 websites where teachers make fortunes teaching online in Nigeria

Did you know that online teachers make at least 5 times of what offline teachers make in a month with less stress . In this article , I will be revealing to us 15 websites where you can teach online from home and get paid in dollars

15 websites where teachers make money online

khan Academy is a nonprofit educational organisation that offers free online courses, lessons, and practice exercises in a variety of subjects, including math, science, history, and more. The website was founded in 2008 by educator Salman Khan, who wanted to provide accessible, high-quality education to anyone, anywhere in the world. Today, Khan Academy offers thousands of videos, articles, and interactive exercises, all designed to help learners of all ages improve their knowledge and skills.

One of the key features of the Khan Academy website is its personalised learning experience. When you create a free account on the site, you can access a personalised learning dashboard that tracks your progress and suggests new material based on your interests and abilities. You can also earn badges and achievements for completing courses and exercises, and connect with other learners to discuss concepts and share tips and resources.

In addition to its individual courses and lessons, Khan Academy also offers a variety of free tools and resources for teachers and educators. These include lesson plans, classroom activities, and assessments that can be used to support and enhance classroom instruction. The website also provides teachers with access to analytics and data that can help them track their students’ progress and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, Khan Academy is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn or teach a subject in a flexible, engaging, and affordable way. Whether you’re a student looking to improve your grades, a teacher looking for new ways to engage your students, or just someone who wants to learn something new, Khan Academy has something to offer.

The website for Khan Academy is https://www.khanacademy.org/. You can visit the site to access the organization’s free online courses, lessons, and practice exercises, as well as tools and resources for teachers and educators

  • demy is an online learning platform where students can take courses on a wide range of subjects, including business, technology, health, and personal development. Udemy offers courses taught by expert instructors, and students can access the courses from any device at any time. Udemy has a website at www.udemy.com.

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers thousands of courses taught by instructors from top universities and organizations. Coursera offers a wide range of subjects, including business, computer science, data science, and more.

One of the key features of Coursera is that it allows learners to take courses at their own pace and earn a verified certificate upon completion. This can be useful for those looking to advance their careers or learn new skills.

The website for Coursera is www.coursera.org. On the website, you can browse through the various courses and subjects offered by Coursera and sign up for a course. You can also learn more about the platform and the instructors who teach on Coursera.

  • EDX

DX is an online learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT. It offers a wide range of courses in various subjects, including business, computer science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

EDX is committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities to learners around the world. Its courses are taught by leading professors and experts in their respective fields, and are designed to provide a deep understanding of the subject matter.

In addition to traditional coursework, EDX also offers micro-courses, which are short, focused courses designed to help learners develop specific skills or gain new knowledge in a particular area. These courses are a great option for learners who are looking to learn something new, but don’t have a lot of time to commit to a full course.

EDX also offers a variety of certification programs, which allow learners to earn a certificate of completion for their coursework. These certificates can be used to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to potential employers, or to further their education.

To learn more about EDX, visit their website at www.edx.org.

  • Linkedin Learning is an online learning platform that provides professional development courses in a variety of subjects, such as business, technology, and creative skills. With courses taught by experts in their respective fields, Linkedin Learning offers engaging and practical content that can help individuals advance their careers and improve their skills.

The platform offers a wide range of courses, from beginner-level to advanced, and allows users to track their progress and earn certificates upon completion. Linkedin Learning also offers personalised recommendations based on users’ interests and career goals, making it easy to find the right course for each individual.

Additionally, Linkedin Learning integrates with Linkedin, the professional networking site, allowing users to showcase their skills and accomplishments to potential employers and connections.

The website for Linkedin Learning is https://www.linkedin.com/learning/.


teachable is an online platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and sell courses. With Teachable, users can easily create a professional-looking course website, manage and track student enrollment, and accept payments for their courses. Teachable is a popular choice among educators and course creators because it is user-friendly and offers a range of features to help users create and sell their courses. The website for Teachable is https://www.teachable.com


Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in various subjects such as art, design, business, and technology. The platform offers classes taught by experts in their respective fields, providing learners with practical skills and knowledge that they can apply in their professional and personal lives.

One of the key features of Skillshare is its focus on community learning, where learners can share their work and collaborate with others in the same class. This allows for a more interactive and engaging learning experience, where learners can learn from each other as well as from the instructor.

Skillshare also offers a premium membership, which gives access to exclusive classes and features such as offline viewing and personalized class recommendations.

The website for Skillshare is www.skillshare.com, where users can browse and enroll in courses, join a community of learners, and access resources for learning and development.


FutureLearn and OpenSesame are both platforms for online learning. FutureLearn offers a range of courses in various subjects, including business, technology, and health. It partners with top universities and organizations around the world to provide high-quality content. OpenSesame, on the other hand, focuses on providing a wide selection of elearning courses for professional development. It offers courses in areas such as leadership, project management, and IT skills.

The website for FutureLearn is www.futurelearn.com and the website for OpenSesame is www.opensesame.com. Both websites offer a range of options for individuals and organisations looking to enhance their skills and knowledge. They offer a variety of learning formats, including short courses, microcredentials, and full-length programs. Both platforms also offer flexible learning options, allowing learners to access course materials on their own time and at their own pace.

Overall, FutureLearn and OpenSesame are valuable resources for anyone looking to advance their career or learn new skills. They offer a wide range of courses from top educators, providing learners with access to high-quality content and expert insights. With their flexible learning options and user-friendly platforms, these websites make it easy for learners to access the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.


Educator.com is an online learning platform that offers high-quality video courses taught by expert instructors in a variety of subjects, including math, science, language arts, history, and test prep. With a wide range of courses and flexible learning options, Educator.com is a valuable resource for students looking to improve their skills and knowledge in a specific subject or prepare for exams.

The website, located at www.educator.com is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing students to browse courses and find the right fit for their needs. Each course includes a detailed syllabus, learning objectives, and a list of required materials, as well as access to a community forum where students can interact with the instructor and other learners.

In addition to traditional course formats, Educator.com also offers live online classes, tutoring sessions, and personalised study plans to help students stay on track and reach their goals. With a commitment to providing high-quality education at an affordable price, Educator.com is a valuable resource for students of all ages and levels.


is a popular online platform that offers interactive courses on various programming languages and technologies. Founded in 2011, Codeacademy has helped millions of individuals learn coding and develop their skills in a fun and engaging way.

The website offers a wide range of courses, from beginner-level introductions to more advanced topics. Each course is structured in a series of lessons, where users can learn the concepts and apply them through practical exercises and quizzes. The platform also offers a supportive community where learners can ask questions, share their progress, and collaborate with others.

One of the strengths of Codeacademy is its interactive approach to learning. The platform uses a combination of text, video, and hands-on exercises to make the learning experience engaging and effective. Users can also track their progress and earn badges as they complete each lesson and course.

To access Codeacademy, you can visit the website at www.codecademy.com. The platform offers a free trial for users who want to try out the courses and see if they are a good fit for their learning goals. For those who want to access the full range of courses and features, Codeacademy offers a paid subscription plan.

Overall, Codeacademy is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn coding and develop their skills in a fun and engaging way. The platform’s interactive approach, wide range of courses, and supportive community make it a valuable tool for learners of all levels.


Udacity offers a range of courses, from beginner to advanced levels, in subjects such as web development, data analysis, and machine learning. The courses are designed to be project-based, with students completing hands-on projects that demonstrate their skills and abilities.

is an online learning platform offering professional courses in a variety of fields such as data science, programming, and artificial intelligence. It was founded in 2012 by Sebastian Thrun, a former Google employee and Stanford professor, with the goal of providing accessible, high-quality education to anyone, anywhere.

One of the key features of Udacity is its focus on providing students with real-world experience. Many courses include partnerships with leading companies, such as Google, Amazon, and IBM, who provide students with access to their tools and technologies. This allows students to gain practical experience working on real-world problems and projects, helping them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

In addition to its courses, Udacity also offers a range of career services, including resume reviews, career coaching, and job search assistance. This helps students to transition into their chosen careers, and gives them the tools and support they need to succeed in the job market.

Overall, Udacity is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn new skills and advance their careers. To learn more and explore the courses available, visit the Udacity website at www.udacity.com.


is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in technology, creative and business skills. It provides expert-led video tutorials, hands-on learning experiences, and access to a community of professionals and peers to help learners advance their careers. The website for Pluralsight is https://www.pluralsight.com/.


Edmodo is a learning management system that allows teachers to create and manage assignments, give quizzes, and communicate with students. It is often used as a way for teachers to share resources and materials with their students. Learnable is a platform that offers a variety of courses and tutorials on a range of subjects, including technology, design, and business. It is a good resource for people who want to learn new skills or improve their existing ones.

The website for Edmodo is www.edmodo.com and the website for Learnable is www.learnable.com.


is a platform that allows users to create, market, and sell online courses. It offers a variety of features such as customizable landing pages, student management tools, and the ability to offer different pricing options. Thinkific also offers integrations with popular email marketing and payment processing platforms.

The website for Thinkific is https://www.thinkific.com/ It provides a comprehensive overview of the platform and its features, as well as resources for course creators and students. TUTOR : A tutor is a person who provides individualised instruction to students to help them improve their academic skills. This can be in a variety of subjects, including math, science, English, and other languages. Tutors can be found at schools, educational centers, or even online.

One website where you can find tutors is Tutor.com. This website offers a wide range of tutors in different subjects and for different grade levels. They also offer personalised learning plans and 24/7 availability for students. Tutor.com also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure you are getting high-quality tutoring services.

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